Tuesday, May 4, 2010

varahu pongal

varaghu, samai are some of rice varieties available in all the food stores. these are very good when compared to rice. even for cultivating these type of varieties they take very little water whereas for cultivating rice, it requires large quantity of water.


varagu arisi 1 cup

cocunut milk 2 cups

water 1 cup

salt as per taste

pepper, cumin dried and powdered a spoon

ghee one spoon


in one spoon ghee roast the powdered pepper and cumin seeds, add along with cocunut milk, varagu arisi, and add salt to it. put it to a rice cooker and cook and keep it in warm mode for ten minutes.

varagu pongal is ready.

very tasty and healthy. if you do not get varagu you can have it basmathi rice or ordinary ponni rice.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

pavai kari

Though bitter in taste, it is better for health. Pavakkai, bitter gourd, karela, the names vary but the benefits are various.


Bitter gourd three
dice into small pieces deseeded

fresh coconut grated one cup

green chillies two

tamarind half a spoon

ghee one spoon



Dice the vegetable and rub salt on the pieces and leave it for thirty minutes. remove the water that has accrued. again rinse with water.

in a kadai heat ghee and sauté the veg on low flame till it becomes crisp or in a microwave sauté it.

add chillies to coconut along with salt and tamarind and grind it to a smooth paste.

add the veg to the paste and mix it thoroughly.

tasty karela kari is ready.