Thursday, April 29, 2010

Amirtha Kalasam.

Divine food is special. Certain offerings are specially made for Deities. Milagu vadai is offered to Maruthi. Panagam for Lord Narasimha. Likewise Amirtha Kalasam is offered to Lord Garudalwar. It is a special offering and people who want to get rid of fears, skin problems, insect bites must offer this Prasad to Garudalwar to seek His Blessings.


green gram dal 1 cup
Pasi paruppu.

jaggery 1 and a quarter cup

cardamom two numbers powdered

ghee two teaspoon.


soak the dal for two hours.

soak the jaggery in one cup water for half an hour. filter it to remove impurities. let the mixture be thick.

grind the dal to a thick consistency. add jaggery water and cardamom powder in it and mix it thoroughly.

in a kadai add the ghee and pour the batter. Saute for few minutes till the batter comes together .

make small balls . now make the amritha kalasam, that is shape it like a kalasam or kozhukkatai or like cocunut. by practice you can make beautifully.

now put it in a idli pan and cook it for five to six minutes.

after the amrutha kalasam is completely cooked offer it to Lord Garudalwar and Vishnu and eat it and offer it to others.

You will see the difference in your life very soon. Yes. an offering of this prasad to the Lord will get you lot of things.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Avial is a fine variety, which we normally use to make when there is excess curd or butter milk in home.

Instead of Sambar, we make avial to have along with rice or as a side dish.

snake gourd 25 gms
yam 25 gms
raw bananas 25 gms
drumsticks 2 numbers
carrots 2 numbers.

coconut one full grated.
cumin seeds half spoon
turmeric powder half spoon
curry leaves one sprig
green chillies two numbers.
curd two glasses.
coconut oil two spoons, salt.


cut all the vegetables in to small thin uniform size.
grind the coconut added with cumin seeds, turmeric powder and green chillies to a fine paste.
cook the cut vegetables with salt in water for 10 minutes.
after the vegetables are cooked add the paste along with curd mix well and add curry leaves.again cook for another three minutes . when all the ingredients are mixed together well, add coconut oil and turn off the fire. wait for another five minutes, till the flavours are infused .

my experiences in cooking.

A long standing desire of mine is to start a mess and give good food to people. But my wish is still in the dream section.

I have lot of ideas as how to prepare food, how to give it neatly and healthily. So I have decided to start a web page to deliver my long standing menu items.

Most of the items may not be new to you. But it definitely tastes better.

The dishes are not invented by me, but noted down by me from many cook books magazines, from elders etc.

Hope you have a wonderful time in preparing the best dishes.

The dishes are simple, vegetarian and surely it will earn everyone's appreciation.