Saturday, January 16, 2016

Boli or Poli,

to make 12 bolis.
ingredients required.

Gram dhal:  1 cup or 200 gm
jaggery       1 and a half cup
coconut:     two tbsp
cardamom powder  half tsp
ghee:  2 tbsp
All purpose flour  1 and half cup.

cook the gram dhal or kadalai paruppu in cooker with water just covering the dhal.
after cooking the dhal remove the excess water if any and add the coconut and grind it to a smooth dough.
Now mix water with jaggery and make it as a syrup just to cover the jaggery.  you can do this in a gas stove or in an oven .  the jaggery should be completely dissolved. when it starts to thicken put the dhal mixture and mix it till it becomes thicker.  you can add the ghee in the process .  afterwards mix the cardamom powder and make a thick ball     this is the substance you have to make known as pooranam. 

as we make for roti, mix water with all purpose flour and make the dough. rest it for two hours.  
now take a plastic sheet and apply sesame oil over the sheet.  take one round ball of dough as we make for chappathi and make roti by patting the should not use rolling pin for making this.  Now add the pooranam as stuffing. do not make thin rotis.  you should make it as medium size.  after stuffing pooranam close it and make rotis again as we make for aloo kulcha.  
now heat the tawa  add some ghee and put the poli in the tawa and turn the other side also till it cooks.  once it is cooked take and eat.   
if you have any doubt please see some you tube videos


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